Our goal at Hammond & Associates is to provide each client with a program tailored to their specific needs. Our trademark is the personal, hands-on attention we provide each of our clients. When calls to PAC Directors or major donors need to be made, we sit side-by-side with our clients at the NRCC's phone suites to maximize success. We also coach our clients face-to-face on what to say during a fundraising pitch. Our years of proven experience will raise the funds needed for your victory.

Money is the life-blood of every political campaign. Hammond & Associates has a proven track record of helping campaigns raise the money they need to win. In fact, we've raised our clients more than $75 million since inception. Competition for political dollars is significant nationwide. Whether it is helping a vulnerable incumbent survive a hotly contested election or an open seat underdog win a hard fought primary, Hammond & Associates has succeeded. Candidates and incumbents alike need fundraising programs that will use hard work and proven fundraising techniques to raise the money needed for victory. That is where Hammond & Associates will make the difference.

Our campaign clients have included:
Todd Akin (MO-2)
Bill Baker (CA-10)
Judy Biggert (IL-13)
Peter Blute (MA-3)
Jo Bonner (AL-1)
Sonny Bono (CA-44)
Dan Burton (IN-6)
Ken Calvert (CA-43)
Chris Cannon (UT-3)
Merrill Cook (UT-2)
Nathan Deal (GA-10)
Jay Dickey (AR-4)
Jo Ann Emerson (MO-8)
Bill Emerson (MO-8)
Jeff Flake (AZ-1)
Elton Gallegly (CA-23)
George Gekas (PA-17)
Wally Herger (CA-2)
Kenny Hulshof (MO-9)
Asa Hutchinson (AR-3)
Darrell Issa (CA-49)
Jim Jordan (OH-4)
Ric Keller (FL-8)
Sue Kelly (NY-19)
Randy Kuhl (NY-29)
Steve Kuykendall (CA-36)
Frank LoBiondo (NJ-2)
Don Manzullo (IL-16)
John McHugh (NY-23)
Ed Pease (IN-7)
Mike Pence (IN-6)
Joe Pitts (PA-16)
Richard Pombo (CA-11)
Bill Posey (FL-15)
Frank Riggs (CA-11)
Jim Rogan (CA-27)
Dana Rohrabacher (CA-45)
Bill Sali (ID-1)
Andrea Seastrand (CA-45)
John Shimkus (IL-20)
Adrian Smith (NE-3)
Mark Souder (IN-4)
Jim Talent (MO-2)
Lee Terry (NE-2)
Tim Walberg (MI-7)
Dave Weldon (FL-15)
Rick White (WA-1)
Roger Wicker (MS-1)
Rob Wittman (VA-1)

Other clients:

Akin Gump PAC
Greenberg, Traurig PAC
ISSA Leadership PAC
Red Rooster Leadership PAC
RICH Leadership PAC